Animal Red Blood Cells

Animal Red Blood Cells play an essential role in veterinary research.

Red blood cells (RBCs) or Erythrocytes are highly abundant circulating cells in the vertebrates, the major function of which is respiratory gas exchange. However, other functions including interaction with the immune system have been attributed to these cells, resulting in a nescessity for scientists to be able to readily obtain fresh and stabilized samples of red blood cells for their studies.

Many viral, prokaryotic and eukaryotic pathogens directly target RBCs and across the vertebrate group a significant number of related pathologies have been reported, and invasion and replication between viruses and erythrocytes have been well described. In contract, the functional response of the erythrocyte has been poorly studied, and some studies in vertebrates suggest that RBCs are capable of functional responses to viral infection. 

Studies using animal red blood cells are key to providing answers to protein expression and potential function of these cells and furthermore to provide information at the gene expression level. Fitzgerald Industries offers a huge range of Animal Red Blood Cells, Animal Serum, Animal Plasma and you can view them all at our Animal Serum and Red Blood Cells page, on our left hand side menu, or search from our homepage.

Blood vessel image courtesy of Encyclopaedia Britannia, Inc. 2006