Sheep Red Blood Cells (88R-S001)

Washed and freshly prepared 10% suspension of Sheep Red Blood Cells


Form & Buffer Supplied as a 10% suspension of sheep red blood cells in Alsever's solution.

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations Short shelf life. For optimal viability, the blood cells should be used within 7 days of shipment date. Please contact us for more details on shipping times before ordering this product or consider ordering the gluteraldehyde stabilized version of this product.

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C. DO NOT FREEZE

General Information

Biological Significance The whole blood is aseptically collected and prepared to order from our colony of animals. These washed cell suspensions are useful for the titration of complement, absorption procedures, testing for agglutinins, and for the preparation of stroma as particulate reagents.

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