Trypsinogen antibody (20C-CR7021RP)

Rabbit polyclonal Trypsinogen antibody

Synonyms Polyclonal Trypsinogen antibody, Anti-Trypsinogen antibody, Pancreatic anionic trypsinogen antibody, PRSS2 antibody, Mesotrypsinogen antibody, Protease, Brain trypsinogen antibody, Cationic trypsinogen antibody, serine, 2 antibody
Specificity Bovine trypsinogen
Cross Reactivity To be determined by end-user
Applications ELISA, WB
Immunogen Trypsinogen antibody was raised in rabbit using trypsinogen isoltaed from bovine pancreas as the immunogen.


Host Rabbit
Method of Purification Trypsinogen antibody was purified by delipidation, salt fractionation and ion exchange chromatography followed by dialysis.
Form & Buffer IgG fraction, by DEAE chromatography, supplied in 10mM NaPO4, 150mM NaCl, pH 7.5 containing 0.01% NaN4

Usage & Assay Information

Usage Recommendations ELISA: 1:5,000-1:25,000, WB: 1:500-1:3,000

Storage & Safety

Storage Store at 4 deg C until reconstitution. Following reconstitution aliquot and freeze at -20 deg C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Dilute only prior to immediate use.
Biohazard Information This product contains sodium azide as preservative. Although the amount of sodium azide is very small appropriate care must be taken when handling this product.

General Information

Biological Significance Trypsinogen is the precursor form or zymogen of the pancreatic enzyme trypsin. It is found in pancreatic juice, along with amylase, lipase, and chymotrypsinogen. It is activated by enteropeptidase, which is found in the intestinal mucosa, to form trypsin. Once activated, the trypsin can activate more trypsinogen into trypsin. Trypsin cleaves peptide bond on carboxyl side of basic amino acids.

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